Mathspace Free Trial
Mathematics for Grades 4-12
Free-Pilot Application*
30 Kids for 30 Days for Zero Dollars!
We believe that EVERY student can excel at mathematics with the right help at the right time.
We want to be the right help at the right time for every student.
We will provide student-centered pilot previews for 30 days for Mathspace content according to the following criteria:
30 Kids for 30 Days for 45 min Per Week
Agree to preview implementation schedule of 45 minutes per week per student with administration approval.
Incentive Program
Reimbursement available for approved incentive program motivating students to obtain the expected usage.
Getting Started Webinar
Certified Mathspace consultant will provide a free 45-minute “Getting Started” webinar training.
Mid-Preview Webinar
If preview is extended to 60 days, a mid-preview webinar will be provided to review progress reports and work with staff to discuss student data and implementation strategies.
Final Review Session
The final review session will be scheduled on-site with the District or School Administrator regarding outcome of pilot preview with staff survey and reports. Improvement Reports filtered for a minimum of 3-5 hours of student usage will be provided to illustrate the potential success Mathspace will have for the school’s overall math program.
* Note: Previews are for 30 Licenses (additional licenses requires further approval) of Mathspace for a period of 30 days. If fidelity of usage is maintained, an additional 30 days may be extended per request. If not, Mathspace reserves the right to discontinue the preview without further notice.