Reading Methodology and Strategy Workshop
for Grades K-12
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Check-In 8:45 AM    |    End  3:00 PM
Cooperative Education Services Building, 4216 Balloon Park Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
No Cost for Educators, Lunch Included
The following Professional Development costs have been covered by Backbone Communications. This workshop, regularly costing $1750 per day for schools, will equip teachers with reading strategies and word attack skills educators will incorporate in their classrooms the next day. Reading Horizons offers direct instruction materials, software and a unique methodology. Teachers will receive the methodology training at no cost and there is no obligation or requirement to purchase any materials in order to effectively implement these strategies in the classroom.
To better prepare pre-service teachers to teach reading, Reading Horizons has been working with college and university professors to make its online training tool available to students for free. By providing this service, they help educators begin their careers with the knowledge and strategies needed to teach emerging and struggling readers. Read More about the 50 Universities Partner with Reading Horizons Press Release here.
Reading Horizons Partners with Universities

Hello New Mexico Educators!

Do you have students who struggle in reading? Do you feel you were equipped properly to teach reading? Do you know how to prove whether a vowel is long or short? Or how to prove the number of syllables in a word? I'm not referring to counting the number of claps or the number of times your chin drops. Or tricks such as, when two vowels are walking, the first does the talking.
I'm talking about an Orton-Gillingham researched based strategy and aligned to the National Reading Panel that empowers students with the tools to prove it. When students are missing far too many words to guess the pronunciation of the word based on context, students need a proven system, specific skills to attack words to prove the correct pronunciation. Be sure to read the Florida Center for Reading Research outlining the Strengths and Weaknesses.
These strategies are extremely powerful for English Language Learners and students in Special Education.
You might be a teacher or interventionist for Grades 4-12 needing a more powerful and effective approach when working with kids who you would expect to be beyond the need for basic reading instruction but their lack of skills constantly obstruct their path to learning the core subjects taught throughout the day. Or, you might be a K-2 teacher needing a more simplified phonics approach for beginning readers.
If anything is ringing true to you, this workshop is for you. Educators from New Mexico have attended these workshops in the past and were enlightened, thankful they attended and are encouraging anyone looking for additional reading strategies to attend. There is zero requirement to purchase materials or software licenses in order to impact your classroom the next day.
The Reading Horizons Method is at the core of the continued success helping students to accelerate their reading levels. Reading Horizons offers direct instruction materials, software access and proven blended learning implementations centered our the Method. Learning the Reading Horizons Method allows educators to incorporate the best strategies without needing to purchase anything.
There are only TWO reasons this workshop opportunity is right for you: 
    1. You are interested in a completely free, packed-full reading method professional development training (certificated hours provided) to equip your struggling readers with new strategies and/or require a different phonics and vocabulary approach.
    2. Or, you are finding your current reading program is continuing to fail in delivering fast results. From material based instruction to individualized technology instruction, Reading Horizons guarantees an average of 2 grade level gains with only 40 hours of instruction. This is not a product pitch. This workshop is a perfect opportunity to access the inside professional development experience seasoned reading specialists attend to further their reading instructional knowledge and overall mastery of the English language.
If you are in one or both of these groups, this workshop will exceed your expectations.
Shantell Berrett has a B.A. in English from Brigham Young University. She taught English for two years at a lock-down facility. She has tutored reading and writing for over 10 years, later specializing in helping students with processing disorders. She has worked with students from age 4 to age 62. Discovering her son was dyslexic and dysgraphic in the fall of 2005, she pursued certification to become a dyslexia specialist. She is currently a Reading Consultant for schools and districts across the United States. Shantell is a guest lecturer for UVU Elementary Education Literacy Method’s Courses. She is also the Director of Training and Dyslexia Specialist for Reading Horizons. Shantell is passionate about empowering teachers and students with tools for reading and writing success.
LaRae Kendrick, M. Ed., is a native of San Jose, CA now living in Gilbert, AZ. She earned her master’s in Education Administration at ASU and holds an Arizona Principal’s and Teaching Certificate. She is an experienced educator specializing in Language Arts instruction and integrating technology into the classroom. As a former classroom teacher, she understands the need to master standards while being realistic about life in the classroom. She is also the author and creator of Our Six Writing Friends™ that has helped thousands of students become better writers. LaRae is a teacher’s teacher, energizing and inspiring her fellow educators. A participant in one of her professional development writing workshops recently stated, “Your workshop was so motivating for me…I couldn’t even sleep last night because I could not wait to get back in the classroom and start teaching writing. You have inspired me.”
Backbone Communications is the exclusive provider for the Reading Horizons Direct Instruction, Software, Methodology Training and Blended Learning Environments for the state of New Mexico. For further information, please feel free to contact Henry Dotson at 602-576-2199 or email at